NovaProtect™ Eyewear

Personal Disposal Eye Protection Solution, to reduce infections, transmissions and injuries. Ergonomic, lightweight and dimensionally stable frame. Simple and quick wearing and exchange of the distortion-free protective lenses with side protection for optimal safety. High wearing comfort, durable and resistent to use at the workplaces. 

  • Optical Class  I
  • Optimal use with single / reusable safety respirator masks 
  • Ergonomic, lightweight, can be worn over prescription glasses
  • Simple and quick use and exchange of the distortion-free protective lenses with side protection
  • High wearing comfort, permanent hold
  • Skin-Friendly, Latex-Free, odorless and suitable for Medical use
  • Approved and certified according to Appendix II of the PPE (EU) 2016/425, EN 166:2001 as protection against droplet infections and liquid splashes. No protection against mechanical impacts/parts, shocks, splinters or similar
  • Eye Shield made from polyester (PET), frames of polypropylene (PP), recyclable

Application Areas
Healthcare, laboratories, security, commerce, trade, production, public / private short- and long-haul transportation

References / Packaging
NP.ES.100F / Eyewear Frames of 100 Pieces in dispenser box, PU: 4 x 100 Pieces
GTIN: 7629999582347

NP.ES.250L / Eyewear Lenses of 250 Pieces in dispenser box, PU: 20 x 250 Pieces
GTIN: 7629999847217

NP.ES.60M / Eyewear Assembled Glasses, of 10 Pieces in PE-Bags, PU: 6 x 10 Pieces
GTIN: 7629999065093

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